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Hopejune Forging & Mechanical Company mainly provides four aspects of business for domestic and foreign customers:     1. all kinds of OEM forging products within 60kg.     2. Rock bits, mining rock drilling tools, engineering rock-breaking drilling tools, downhole cut mill and corresponding accessories.     3. All kinds of tools of downhole salvage and fracturing in petroleum drilling, as well as precisely fabricated mechanical parts in various industries.     4. Metal face sealing products and rubber products. The products are widely used in oil mining, construction machinery, automotive accessories, petrochemical, military manufacturing and other industrial fields. Oilfield downhole tools have been used in oilfields as Jianghan, Nanyang, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Shengli, Shaanxi, Liaohe, Dagang etc. , which are well recognized and praised by the customers.

  • 一 、Kingdream public Limited Company

    Kingdream public Limited Company, Ltd. is a state-level enterprise, a state-key high-tech enterprise, the largest and world-advanced manufacturer of oil drills and screw drills in Asia. Hubei Haojiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is the supplier of its core products. The three cone bits are: the palm blanks of the following specifications: 121/4; the cone blanks of the following specifications: 171/2; all kinds of metal sealing rings, oil storage bags, bearing sealing rings, nozzle retaining rings, cover retaining rings, plug pins, thrust blocks, central nozzle seat, cover, protection rings, etc. Provides screw drill fittings are: intermediate shaft, locking shaft, ball seat, anti-drop nut, anti-drop rod, anti-drop baffle, separator, jacket, universal body, spline shaft, internal spline joint and so on.

  • 二、Caterpillar Co., Ltd.

    Caterpillar Co., Ltd. is the world's largest manufacturer of construction machinery and mining equipment. Our company is a strategic supplier of bronze medals. More than ten kinds of crawler roller forging blanks, roller forging blanks, bearing cap forging blanks, bearing seat forging blanks, trunnion forging blanks, D tube cap blanks, rough processing rollers and butt welding rollers are provided.

  • 三、Shareate Tools Ltd.

    Shareate Tools Ltd., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in the R&D and manufacture of mining rock drilling tools in China. Mining rock drilling tools are widely used in large-scale iron ore, copper mine, molybdenum mine, coal mine and other open-pit mining and infrastructure fields at home and abroad. Hubei Haojiang Machinery Co., Ltd. provides more than 13/4"of the palms, blanks and spare parts of drill bits for mining purposes.

  • 四、Sany

    Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a company mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of concrete machinery, road machinery, crawler crane, pile machinery, excavation machinery, truck crane machinery. Hubei Haojiang Machinery Co., Ltd. provides six kinds of forging blanks for pressing cap, four kinds of end cap, four kinds of front cap and five kinds of bottom cylinder.

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