metal face sealing ring series
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Product description
The floating metal sealing rings of various specifications produced by the United States in the 1990s are introduced. They are made of special materials and complex processes. They have the characteristics of good wear resistance, high strength and long service life. Many technical performance indicators of the products are in the leading position in China, some of which have reached the international advanced level. Compared with the imported products of the same kind, they have a higher cost performance ratio and can completely replace the imported products. The company can design and process according to user's needs.
The product is widely used in various high-performance cone bits, which are widely used in oil and gas exploitation and geological drilling in various oil fields in China, and exported to dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Russia and so on.
Its technology is very suitable for excavating and mining products, and can be widely used in mechanical dynamic sealing of construction equipment in harsh working environment such as petroleum exploitation, construction machinery, mining machinery, subway construction machinery, etc.
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