Die Forging Production Line
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Die forging production line was established in 1978. In 1986, the forging process of oil drill blank was introduced from Hughes Company. Forging equipment includes Sumitomo 6000 tons hot die forging machine, radar 2 x 825 KW medium frequency induction heating furnace, chestnut 1200 tons bar shearing machine, RF-50 roll forging machine.
In recent years, the company has added two 1000t friction machines, two 1600 t friction machines, two 400t trimmers and intermediate frequency furnace, forming three complete die forging production lines and one free forging production line. It can produce ring forging, disc forging, stepped shaft forging, flange forging, non-standard hot die forging and free forging of various forgings. With customizable daily output of 42t-46t, forging technology and forging capacity is one of the largest and strongest forging bases in central and southern China.

Die Forging Production Line

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