Haojiang Enterprise Aim:
Developing enterprises, contributing countries, returning shareholders, maintaining stability and benefiting employees.
Haojiang ambitious goal:
Through unremitting efforts, we will further adjust the industrial structure and asset structure of the company, strive to enhance the operation scale, profitability and innovation ability of the machine-processing industry, ensure that the enterprise's modernization level is significantly enhanced, and continuously extend and expand the high-quality industrial chain to become a more competitive machine-processing industry group in the central region.
Haojiang Enterprise Spirit:
Keep improving, be realistic and honest, stand on one's own and strive for self-improvement, and work together to create prosperity.
Haojiang work style:
Cooperative, rigorous, pragmatic and enterprising.
Haojiang business philosophy:
Good faith, normative, win-win cooperation.
Idea of being a person:
Unyielding in the face of difficulties, not arrogant in the voice of praise.
Idea of doing things:
Work efficiency is not the highest only higher, product quality is not the best only better.
Fairness concept:
Everyone is equal before the starting line, before the rules of the game and before the challenge of opportunity.
Humanistic concept:
Continuous small changes, cautious and slightly improved.
Employment philosophy:
Intelligence is more important than knowledge, quality is more important than intelligence, ability is more important than intelligence, and dedication is more important than ability.
Development philosophy:
Create maximum value for shareholders, share development achievements with employees, pursue mutual benefit and win-win with partners, and contribute to the stability and prosperity of society.
Quality concept:
Qualification of products is only a requirement, and customer satisfaction is the goal.
Market concept:
Pursue perfect products and guarantee 100% service.
Survival philosophy:
Be skilled and have no worries.

Office address:
Technology Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China
Factory address:
Guanghua Way Forward in Qianjiang City, Hubei Province, China
027-65524509      0728-6518288